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18 August


A bit of news regarding "I Sell The Dead" this morning thanks to one of our friends over at Dom Media. She had written to Producer and co-star Larry Fessenden, who passed the e-mail on to writer/director Glenn McQuaid. Here is Glenn's reply:

Glenn McQuaid here, I'm the writer/director/editor of I Sell The Dead. Larry passed along your email. First of all, thanks for all the interest, the movie looks great and Dom is absolutely terrific in it, a lovely guy too.

Sorry for the low activity on the website, I've recently taken it over and I'll be posting news regularly from now on. We are an independent feature film which means we have to screen and sell the movie before it's released. So as regards a final release in cinema or on dvd, I'm not sure just yet...

The film has been a long time in post, mostly because I've been very picky but it'll be worth the wait, it's a fun ride. We'll be screening at a bunch of festivals hopefully very soon and I'll get that info out as soon as it's available to me.

Thanks again and as I promise there will be more ISTD news/pics/clips coming very soon.


Glenn McQuaid

There have in fact been updates to the official website albeit small ones so now we just have to cross our fingers and hope they sell the movie soon :).
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